Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Snapshot of my weekend. I am still on the mends from a break up (OE…more on that in a separate post), but I have decided to get out there and meet people… single men…who can hold a conversation…without me wishing I was chugging Drano instead of talking to them. My core group of friends is awesome. Unfortunately we have all been hanging out close to 10 years, so new people are introduced very seldom. Also, we are all in our 30’s and frankly Rock Band, pizza and beer at someone’s apartment is preferred over some crowded bar full of douche bags.
This past Friday night, a friend’s former roommate’s band (follow that) was playing at a bar in Lincoln Park. This neighborhood is young, hip, and usually packed with 25 year old frat guys who still think visors are in. Game on! I’ve seen the band play several times before and even made out with the lead guitar player (while I had a crush on the drummer…sadly I have so done worse than that before to a band). I couldn’t convince my guy friends to attend since they already had a full evening of Rock Band scheduled. I did plan on meeting the girlfriend of a guy friend and possibly her two girl friends. Confused yet? They are historically late, so I figured they would show around 9pm for the 8:30pm show. At first, I drank my beer and chatted with the band members explaining I was waiting on three girls (which made me the hero of the hour). When they got on stage, I was left alone to stand in the crowd that was surprisingly very coupled up. I continued to drink my beer (or beers as I tend to do) and tried to play it cool while wondering in my head where those damn girls were (nearing 10pm). The music is awesome and I soon forget my situation. That is until the best friend of my ex walks in.
We catch glimpses of each other and do that awkward moment of hesitation of “do I pretend I don’t see you or give the half wave and ignore you”. I soon realized EXACTLY how I looked to him…drinking alone at a bar. Shit! I bit the bullet and called his name and waved him over. We chatted a bit and I was surprised our social circles overlapped. Turns out, his friend was in the band that went on before my familiar band. Small world huh. After a few more songs, I had to leave because I promised the boys I would meet up with them after the show (just as they were wrapping up their own Rock Band set). Outside, I shook my fist at the sky and asked God why he toys with me so.


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