Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the road again...

Three weeks ago, I packed up my belongings and headed out west to Chicago. My Nebraska roots were itching for a covered wagon, but I settled for a huge ass 16’ Budget rent-a-truck. This thing had its own zip code. I reserved the modest 10’ truck (or full size family van), but they were all in various states of repair. Luckily, I had M-Man around to be macho and drive that beast around. I don’t know what it is with men and driving, but I find that a lot of men, regardless if they know the terrain, like to be in the driver’s seat. No complaints here since no amount of money could convince me to drive in Manhattan traffic. I rewarded him with lunch at Olive Garden and a blow job at a truck stop (just kidding). We did stop at Olive Garden though because it is my hot garlic buttery lover and I would only eat breadsticks for the rest of eternity if by choice. We also stopped at every other McDonalds because their dollar menu Sundays are the shiz-nit. Our frequent pit stop/food stops probably tacked on an extra hour or two to our 16 hour drive (groan).

The drive through Pennsylvania was super scenic but long. I guess I was under the impression that the state could be conquered and driven through, but the damn bitch would not end. We were in the twilight hours near the border between Pennsylvania and Ohio in search of a hotel room. I swear we stopped at three different exits and visited a total five hotels that were completely booked. Okay, we are in BFE Pennsylvania and you are sold out? Lucky number six (a super 8 with free continental breakfast) had a few rooms open. I told our sad story about trying to find a hotel room for the past 90 minutes when she informed me, “well, it is a Saturday night, so everyone is probably come’in or go’in to the outlet mall”. What, and outlet fucking mall? I guess it is the sight to beheld in these parts and equivalent to visiting Disneyland for the locals (if Disneyland was full of cheap slightly imperfect crap).

We left earlier the next morning to have some extra time to explore South Bend, IN, aka the home of Notre Dame. Now neither M-Man are catholic, but for some reason we were both completely curious of the campus (and all the houpla that surrounds it). Well we happened to show up on orientation day, so the campus was flooded with new freshman and extra eager house leaders. To its credit, the campus is beautiful and we both got pictures with Touchdown Jesus!

I’m now just getting settled in Chicago. I have unpacked a total of three boxes. Yeah you could claim that I’m super busy with work, just plain lazy, or enjoy the adolescence thrill of living in a fort.


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