Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NYC off the beaten path travels

Again with the theme of “exploring every last bit of New York City”, I took to the streets on Saturday. I borrowed a guide book that M-Man’s mother gave him. It is great and full of off the beaten path walking tours. Anyway, I explored Bedford street in the West Village. My friends Rob and Dana (along will half of Hollywood) also live down in the neighborhood because it is so quaint, quiet, and eclectic. This street is home to both the “twin peaks” house (which is named so because it looks funky and has two peaks after the new owner added on in a strange way) and the narrowest house in NYC. The narrow house is only 9-1/2 feet across and at one point only was accessed through a back alley. I guess a famous poet lived there too, but I just went to gawk at the house. Also on the corner of Bedford and Grove is the supposed “friends” apartment. They never actually filmed there, just used stock footage exterior shots.

The street was pretty devoid of people probably because it is such a side/hidden street and it was also 9am on a Saturday morning. I did notice a couple slowly walking and looking around. When I got closer I realized we had the exact same guide book! I held mine up as I passed by and they let out a good laugh.

Later that day, I dragged M-Man to sightsee on the UWS with me. Our first stop was the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It is only 2/3 built and will be the largest church in the world once completed. I guess it suffered a fire a few years back, and now it is sparsely used. The blocked off about half of it from the public for fire damage repair and it was still super impressive.

Next to the church is Morningside Park. It is basically a sliver of land that they landscaped the shit out of. I loved the waterfall and lily pond. I wondered why more people don’t explore there until I realized it proximity to Harlem probably gives it a rough reputation.

Sunday night we caught the off-Broadway performance of STOMP. Go see that show! Seriously it was so amazing and choreographed. I warn you to cover your ears for some of the trash can parts though because it rocked the house. I wonder how the people in the apartments around the theatre ever sleep. The theatre is small enough that 2nd from the back seats in the balcony (us) were still close to the action. Plus all tickets at the Sunday evening show are only $40 (as compared to the standard $65 plus all other days).


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