Friday, August 01, 2008


Last Friday, Dana invited me and several other ladies to a designer’s showroom. We basically drank champagne for two hours while the designer showed off her work. Personally, the woman was a bit self centered and her designs were bland. It made no surprise that she designed mostly bridesmaid dresses (think simple strapless gown with a different colored bold sash). I took great amusement in her attempts to sell her stuff by shoving dresses into the dressing rooms and insisting that the girls try them on (even though the size and/or style totally didn’t match the girl). I originally told Dana that she should give the spot to another girl since I would probably drink all the booze and not buy anything. Normally, designer dresses are in the $500 plus range, and if I would frivolously spend that, my IRA would vomit in my bed to spite me. Surprisingly the designer was modestly priced and I was able to pick up a cocktail jacket for $30. I was sold when another absolutely fabulous girl tried the jacket on over her black dress and the whole room was like “I want that!”. Three of us ended up getting the same jacket because it went with all of our outfits. Smack-a-lacka booh-ya!


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