Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going for the gold, then to the bathroom

For my going away party, I had to top my infamous 29th birthday party Rambo themed bar golf outing. I decided to have an Olympic bar crawl. Everyone was paired to a team and at least one person from each team was required to drink at each bar. Your team earned extra points for each additional person that drank at the bar. Plus the team could win bonus points for competing in various Bar Olympic stunts like “sing along to a song on the jukebox…loudly” or “take a picture with another person from Nebraksa” or “have everyone on the bar crawl smack you on the ass”. I had a whole laundry list of random acts. We went to eight different bars (or host cities) to acknowledge the ’08 Olympics. Oh and since we were competing in the pseudo Olympics, everyone was required to dress in exercise clothes. I was so impressed at everyone’s costumes. I mean Rob broke out a team jersey with sweat bands and Olga even had volleyball knee pads on! Ah ha ha ha. Anyway, each team name was something I would miss about New York. Yeah, team names were “street fairs”, “mass transit”, “brooklyn brewery”, “central park”, “canal street”, “free delivery”, and “team olive garden”. What, Olive Garden rocks. I will miss not living so close to the delicious salad and breadstick Mecca.

Anyway the pictures could better describe the night than I. The highlights were Dana singing to Like a Prayer by Madonna and the whole bar got into it and the bartender even hoisted her up to dance and sing on the bar. Seriously, all the people in the bar were clapping and cheering her on. I think it made their night. Also the “team cheers” by Mass Transit (Olga and Rob) was a hilarious spoof on the Spartans. Team “street fairs” went the extra mile to rhyme good eats with cheap streets. I think McDonalds may be giving them a call. Our group basically took over every bar we went to. The best was the shady little hotel bar on 10th & 50th St. The bartender’s eyes practically popped out of her head when we all walked in. Of course, at each bar we would request that they turn the TV’s to the Olympics so we could cheer on our fellow competitors. We spent some extra time at one bar just so we would not miss Michael Phelps winning his 8th gold medal. Dana is so infatuated with him that she actually got up close to the TV and started stroking it. Awesome!


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