Thursday, September 25, 2008

Booze and Babies

Again, digressing from my Asia trip, I couldn't resist putting this jem in the blog. One of my favorite people, Tina, has given birth to a little girl. Well it was two weeks ago. Anyway, so the count is: Tina, another high school friend Jacque, a college friend Brandy, and my sister. They all had children within a two week period. I asked Tina if there was a sudden blizzard in the Midwest that could account for all these births and she said:
"I don't think it was a blizzard but rather Christmas parties in which encourage the consumption of large amounts of alcohol. Amazingly enough, alcohol seems to cloud judgment and reduce inhibitions. So this may have been the cause. The moral of this story: With Christmas quickly approaching and Christmas parties in the works, remember ALL SEX AT A CHRISTMAS PARTIS LEADS TO BABIES. As you have verified through your stats."
Granted all of these lovely ladies are married, so getting drunk and having sex with their husband is not such an unusual occurance. Being unmarried, I like to get drunk and have sex with Cheetos.....and bacon.


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