Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wanted, dead or alive...preferably alive though

The baseball all-star game was held over the weekend in NYC, and although I am not a baseball fan, I used the opportunity to take in some of the unique activities. Marathon Man and I scored tickets to the Fan Fest at the convention center. Basically it is a traveling exposition with all sorts of activities like batting cages, grounding practice, pitching cages, baseball memorabilia, and autograph signing with some all stars or hall-of-famers. My friend Rob described it best as “everything a 12 year old boy would love to do” (well minus the ‘alone time with the Victoria’s secret catalog’). They even had an entire baseball diamond set up and you could time yourself stealing home.

We found this image in the Negro Leagues portion of the expo. Yeah, I find the ‘black crackers’ team name hilarious (I mean socially inappropriate), but then again I am a horrible openly non-PC person.

Saturday night was a free Bon Jovi concert in central park. Did I mention it was free? Yeah, that is the magic words in my book. People were camped out two days beforehand to get the best possible seats, and M-Man and I showed up an hour before the concert started and still could see alright. Suckers! They had six giant jumbo-tron screens up for those too far away or too short to see the action on the stage. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the awesome music of Bon Jovi (super huge 80’s music fan) or the onslaught of Jersey white trash folk. Awesome.


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