Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Remind me again to smack you

Saturday night (after we had regained the feeling in our frost bitten fingers and toes from the freezing early morning race) the gang headed over to a Grand Central bar called Pour House. Big Mistake! Any bars near major train stations are full of non Manhattan people who basically do not have the right to exist in my snooty world. Basically the bar was packed with Jersey and Long Island people. You ask how I know where they are from without actually talking to them (or acknowledging them for the most point), well it is all a matter of observation Watson. Anyone way too dressed up for a pub bar is not from the area. Usually the sequins are a dead give away, but generally the girls are wearing some kind of shiny, sparkly, tight, or short dress with a giant sprayed hair do and lots of heavy makeup while drinking an unnaturally colored cocktail. The difference between LI and Jersey girls is as simple of switching out the sugar peach cocktail with a bud light.

Well one girl caught a guy in our group (forget his name) starring at the sequined tattoo on her chest. Yeah, I don’t know if I am more repulsed by the fact she has a sequined tattoo or that it is located on her boob! She went off on the guy for starring at her chest, but hello, why else would you put a sequined tattoo there? Where you thinking, “hmmm, this outfit does not look trashy enough, ah yes, perfect now”. I mean it is like when stupid girls get all mad when they get attention while wearing tight shirts with “cum guzzler” printed across the front. Seriously, they should be shot.


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