Sunday, January 29, 2012

A study...part 2

So each week, my neighborhood never fails to provide quality people watching. I again camped out at Starbucks for several hours this Sunday to study...for a test...and the people.

I took a few practice quizzes to test my retention of the material. Well the textbook explanation for one of my missed answers specifically said "we question your competence and integrity as a project manager if you picked anything but the correct answer". Whoops!

Okay back to people watching. Yeah I've been told I am way too judgmental...but that isn't stopping me. So at the next table, a "gangsta thug" looking man (okay yes, he was black...a menacing looking black man) was watching a movie on his laptop. What movie do you ask...TWILIGHT! Ah ha ha ha. I almost leaned over to give a condescending shake of the head...or maybe to ask if he was team Jacob.


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