Thursday, August 21, 2008

Waiting for the sequel.

The Olympics have basically taken over my life. Yes I know there are many more worthwhile things to do instead of watching TV for four hours a day, but I cannot resist competitions like swimming, beach volleyball, and gymnastics. Actually my love for women’s gymnastics stems all the way back to my childhood when I watched Mary Lou Renton score perfect tens and win the all around title. My sisters and I sported matching Mary Lou leotards till the next Olympics. True, true, I have pictures of all of us in our matching leotards doing “gymnastics” in our living room. Yeah our routines were more like shaking our but or kicking our gangly child legs up in the air with a giant kool-aide mustache smile on our faces.

If the Olympics were not entertaining enough, watching them with Marathon Man is down right hilarious. We like to have a side commentary during the program. During the women’s gymnastics team competition night, we broke out a 6 pack and got punch drunk. I wish I had a video of the commentary that night because it is random and awfully delicious all at once. First came the remarks on the size of the girl’s neck (the one who fell on the beam and floor exercise). She could have been a linebacker seriously. Then we turned our attention to Nastia because she is a Nasty Nasty Nastia girl (okay it is funnier when you are drunk). She has a very large round forehead, so we kept chanting “FOREHEAD” when she landed any tricks. After a minute of silence, M-Man blurted out “Chronicles of Nastia, the lion, the witch and the forehead!”. I almost peed the couch laughing so hard.


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