Monday, October 29, 2007

Hits and Mrs.

I’m back….and I am taking on NYC’s bachelors one at a time. Okay that sounds whore-ish, but I have had a very busy week of dating. First I should start with the four dates that were the result of speed dating (also known as the worst two hours of my life….even worse than that French Angel film from last year).

I met up with Raj (from India) on the Upper East Side on Wednesday. My first thought was “He must have been sitting down when I met him”. Yeah I was a good head taller than him. Normally height should not be a factor when the guy is really nice, smart, successful (banker), and strikingly handsome (hey I am a sucker for those dark looks). But….okay, call me picky, but the guy has to be at least on par with me….okay who am I kidding, I want a basketball center

I didn’t have to wait long for my second speed date, um date, whatever. I met up with Stewart the Kiwi dentist for a Thursday lunch. He asked if I would like a beer and I declined citing that I don’t usually like to drink while working. He then said “yeah I know what you mean, but I really can’t help having a pint with my food”. Okay hello, you are a dentist! I sure hope you don’t drink and work often! Imagine laying there with your mouth wide open and you smell booze on your dentist’s breath. Now hold for the drill….no way! Adding logs to the fire, he admitted that he was 37 (so he lied in order to get into our age bracket session) and divorced with two kids. Everyone now…errrrrr! I pictured the giant X‘s from family feud stamped on his forehead.

Thursday night (yes, count it, three dates in 24 hours), I met Meihi (from Romania) down in the village. I was afflicted with another perfect on paper but no physical desire syndrome. Faithful readers will recall a funny story last year about me dismissing a perfectly great “on paper” guy on the blog only to have him read it and call me out on it. Oops! Well this guy is good looking, really tall, really thin (like track high jumper thin…mmmmn), and has his PhD in mathematics from MIT. Okay, how can I not want to immediately bear his children! Seriously, his span would inherit the earth or at least significantly boost the quality of the gene pool. I am all anguished that I had no urge to kiss him which is basically head on collision for the relationship.

Sunday night was Amin (from India and Texas). Okay, he was attractive, successful, nice, and had some great stories. He told me about a haunted bridge in San Antonio that you can see tiny hand prints from children (if you dust/powder your car ahead of time). I am on the fence with him because I do have the urge to kiss him but he has a fondness for bright pink shirts, works 70+ hours a week (finance and mergers business) and has a pair of white jeans….yes white jeans! Well I’ll let you know how this one turns out after our haunted house second date tonight (yeah he is all super excited about Halloween too).


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