Monday, January 08, 2007

Why girls dress skanky.

Okay I have figured out the question to why girls dress like a skank. On Friday, the group went to a SoHo club because Ali's college friend was promoting something. It was fun to pass the velvet ropes and be escorted into the VIP area. Watching the crowd (and I mean crowd since the place was beyond packed) I realized that most of the girls were dressed like whores! Seriously. They even had go-go dancers in little more than underwear (I mean the underwear that is closer to a thong than briefs). I saw one group of guys take a picture with the go-go girl's butt! Seriously, she just plopped it down on the guy's shoulder and then click. I wonder if she cracked a smile (okay bad joke). Sadly I did not get any pictures of the girls because they were getting enough attention from our guys anyway. After an hour at the place, I suddenly realized why girls were so little dressed. It was over 100 degrees with 99% humidity! Yep, cram together a couple hundred people, loud music, stiff drinks, and you get massive heat overload. Bethany and I kept shedding layers until anything else would be indecent. With the raging house music, I distinctly heard a bongo undertone. All of a sudden, someone said, "Do you hear that bongo drum? That sounds so real. Wait there is a bongo player here!" Yep there was some rasta guy with a bongo strapped to his waist playing along to every song. Odd but at least it made the club somewhat interesting. We ended up leaving the sauna (in lieu for the favorite east village dive bar Doc Holidays) shortly thereafter.


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