Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sixteen again

A short but sweet post strolling down memory lane. Last week I went to a free concert headlined by Bush. Yes, Bush…the 90’s alternative rock of glycerin, everything’s zen, and machinehead fame…also the band with the super sexy Gavin Rossdale. I remember playing the Sixteen Stone cd over and over again (probably because I only own about five cd’s). I’m sure that album convinced us white suburban kids we were such bad asses even though the sounds of Metallica and G&R were considered too scary.
Being that it was a free concert, we had to get in line around 6:30pm for a 9pm show. The line snaked around the corner and down the block. We found ways to entertain ourselves thanks to a nearby CVS, six pack, and picnic cups. Once the doors opened up, we made our way inside situating ourselves in center stage, mid way back. This turned out to be a prime position as a massive mosh pit opened up right behind us and a smaller (yet still volatile) pit opened up in front of us. Plus the teenager
Anyway, back to the concert. Chevelle opened and they played the three songs I knew. Like most bands, when they say “how about a new song” it is the cue to hit the bathroom. Then Bush went on and opened with Machinehead. I would say 80% of their show was old favorites from Sixteen Stone and The Science of Things. Okay I sound like a giddy girl but man did Gavin sound AND look good. Damn!


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