Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's in a name

My little sister’s most recent facebook post read “Ava just went poopy in the potty!!!!”. I agree it is quite the milestone. Ava will soon have a little sister to keep her company. My other sister is also pregnant and the little boy is due around the same time. She selected the name Bennett which is a bit high class for my family (no disrespect, I just know we are no Waltons). However I do think Ben will be a very cute name for my nephew. My new niece on the other hand will be called Hadley. Yes Hadley. Hadley AArine. WTF! How will I shorten that…Haddie? Someone is destined for a reality TV show. I guess it could be worse though. A friend's brother is naming his son Raylon. Yes like the combination of Rayon and Nylon which results in 100% hillbilly. All of us had a good chuckle at that.


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