Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over Exposed

Quick post to make note of some important events. Here are pictures from my friend Gwendolyn’s 30th birthday party. She is classy so it was a birthday dinner instead of dirty bar partying (like mine). Everyone brought a least one bottle of wine and someone’s boyfriend brought several cases of excellent Goose Island reserve beer (you know the stuff that is 9.2-11% alcohol by volume…yum). So it eventually boiled down to a liquid dinner.
The night was full of good conversation, food and lots of booze (to drink and to take home as presents). Becca gave the most unusual gift of the night…her TITS! Yeah, she has the most amazing rack ever and Gwendolyn always is goading her to “let the girls out”.
After the dinner, some after party crowd headed over to a quaint Logan Square dive bar. I know what you are thinking…Logan Square…I sure hope one of us is armed. Safety in numbers people. Anyway, the neighborhood didn’t quiet dispel the rumors because no less than ten cop cars zoomed into the adjacent gas station parking lot with lights a blazing. That parking lot had more cop cars than a veteran’s day parade. I never did find out what went down across the street (like hell I am going over to find out) but it did provide plenty of speculation.


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