Sunday, August 02, 2009

Typical Tuesday

I am watching Alien vs Predator (a classic in my book) and all the gooey Alien saliva reminds me of a trip on the “L” a couple of weeks ago. I was transferring from the brown to red lines at Belmont. That particular stop, there is a lot of cross traffic, so the departing/entering can get crowded. As I wait on the platform for the door to clear, I noticed a mid 20’s blonde exiting with what looked like a red slushie spilled all down her front. It was on her chin and chest, but it was mostly concentrated in her lap (like she had spilled it while drinking and it pooled in her lap). I dodged quickly to avoid brushing up against her and that nasty slushie. In the train car, I found the scene of the spill spread out over the pair of seats just past the entrance that face each other (all of the other seats face one direction like school bus style). It must have been a massive spill because the whole seat was covered in red slushie. In fact there was red slushie across the width of the train and even projected on the opposite door. I picked a seat a few down from the mess and quietly chuckled to myself thinking it was definitely not her day. Well the teenage kid sitting in the seat across from the mess was stomping up and down and asking for some tissues to clean off his pant leg (he caught some of the explosion). Turns out it wasn’t red slushie (or was once), it was vomit! Yeah this girl had projectile vomited like an Olympic champion. The kid recounted the story for all of us on the train. Evidently she didn’t appear to be sick or drunk or anything. One moment she was sitting there and then opened up for a yawn. You can guess what next happened after the yawn.


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