Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ixnay on the Hombres

On June 20th I went to The Offspring concert. What you say, they are still around…hell yes, and kicking ass too. They have been one of my top three bands ever since high school. I have every album except their greatest hits…which I didn’t need because I have every fricking album. Anyway, I am not some music snob who will point out that most of their songs do sound the same, it is their energy and humor that entertains me the most. I know the words to practically every one of their songs, and I think I annoyed my friends at the concert because I sang along to EVERYTHING! Although I am a huge fan, I have NEVER seen them in concert. Seriously, they weren’t big on touring through Nebraska and Kansas, and when they came out to the East Coast they would stick to the stadiums way out in commuter New York. They finally came to Chicago, and picked the coolest venue to perform at. The open air theater is where Miggs Field used to be, right downtown along the lakefront next to the museum campus. The stage backdrop was the Chicago skyline. Rock’in.

I have waited over a decade to see Offspring live, and it was totally worth the wait. Probably top five most awesome concerts I have ever seen (and I’ve seen some good shit). The crowd was a mix of 30+ year olds like me who grew up loving their music and the generation gap of 16-18 year olds who have just been introduced to their greatest hits album. To gauge the energy of the band and how they influenced the crowd, I would say an 11. Hell, they had to stop playing halfway through the SECOND song (Bad Habit, fyi) to clear the way for the medical crew. Granted I was with the other old people standing in the back avoiding the mosh pit.

Chicago Skyline

Here is Dexter playing Gone Away acoustical on the piano. It was cool but Big Mike is still complaining about it because it is so bitch’in on Rock Band.

Pretty Fly for a White Guy


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