Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No diggity, no doubt

Here are some pictures of my SummerFest weekend. We caught No Doubt (with Paramore opening) in the big theater. Big Mike, Jose and I scored 9th row seats off to the side! Granted, I am not a No Doubt superfan, but word got out that they were only playing their greatest hits, and I couldn’t pass on friggin 9th row! The show was AWESOME! I have to say it, but after having TWO babies, Gwen still had some insane abs (it must be all that sleeping on a pile of money). Plus she ran around the stage with a ton of energy and still sounded great live (this girl can really sing). Okay yes, I now have a newfound respect for her (before I was just jealous because she got to bang Gavin…mmmnnn).
Paramore is fronted by this 95lb flaming red-haired sprite who matched Gwen’s energy level and talent (granted she didn’t sound as good, but still pretty good). I loved how eager their band was to play at a big venue. They had choreographed moves and the bass player even flipped over the guitarist’s back (you just had to see it). Super cute!

Crowd Shot

Gwen opened "I'm just a girl" by doing push ups on the stage. During this, she ended up bending over RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! You can see how many people whipped out their camera phones to get pictures of her ass.

The No Doubt Drummer. He wore black lipstick and a pink tutu. During the drum jam, he came out to the crowd right next to us. My camera wasn't fast enough. Dag he was hilarious.

Both No Doubt and Paramore join up for one of the last songs.

No Doubt Rocking it out!



At 4:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice review & photos!

As for Gwen, she looks very fit there. And she was wearing those white pants so dangerously low... i wonder if she went commando? XD




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