Friday, March 28, 2008


Okay I am a huge nerd, but when I hear of a town called Riverdale, I immeadiately think of Lord of the Rings. Well mostly how I want elf Orlando Bloom to plunder me. Durning a very uneventfull lunch, I browsed the ever popular Craig's List for a ski bag. I already own skis and boots, but I need the handy travel bag if I want to be taken seriously during ski trips. Well I came across a posting for "women's shaped skis, boots, poles, and travel bag...$25". Are you kidding me? All of that for $25. The bag alone is over $100. I immeadiately responded and arranged to meet with the woman that evening in her neighborhood...Riverdale. I couldn't help asking her why she was selling all of the ski gear for such a mad low price (the ski bindings alone are at least $40 each). She replied that it was her Huuuusssband who likes to ski and drag her along. Sounds like they are fighting or at least she is tired of feigning interest.

Here is a picture of the Riverdale train stop. Yeah, I need to explore this neighborhood more because the victorian home alone is making me curious.


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