Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NY plus two

Okay my second day in New York. I started by unpacking my boxes. One of my plants didn’t make it. The sad little thing had all of its leaved sheared off.

I plan on blaming the movers instead of my poor plant packing skills. It is okay, since they admitted to me the other day that both of them have never spent a day in high school. Anyway, I blurted out, “so can you guys read and write and stuff” thinking how on earth are they going to get the paperwork together. Yeah, they didn’t like that question. They told me that in 8th grade they started working at a moving company…the same one they are working for today. Oh did I mention they are 35 years old now!

Today was grocery day. While I was out wandering the streets looking for food I noticed three things about New York City:
1. People honk their horns. Seriously, it is used as often as punctuation. I was talking on the phone with my Mom and she asked, “oh my God, what was that in the background? Was there an accident?” no no, just a red light which equals a chorus of f-it honks.

2. Garbage is everywhere. They don’t have alleys, so they just pile it on the side walk. Classy.

3. I live in the smut district. Below are some pictures to illustrate what I mean. Every other store advertises the largest adult section in town, or live fantasy girls, blah blah blah.


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