Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'll be waving my hand...watching you drown (hey I didn't write it)

I recently indulged in my favorite guilty pleasure…90’s alternative rock. Yeah bands I would sing along with on the radio while cruising main street in High School. One of my favorites was Our Lady Peace (go ahead roll your eyes, I still think they are awesome). My friend Big Mike and I have an inside joke about jamming on Starseed and sneaking it into the playlists at parties. When he found out they were playing a semi-secret after show at Cubby Bear, he immediately picked up tickets. Apparently Our Lady Peace was playing at the House of Blues earlier that night and promised to stop by Cubby Bear for a quick set. Ten dollars to see them at a bar that held maybe 100 people…best investment ever! Unfortunately they didn’t go on until midnight which is waaaaay beyond my normal weekday bedtime. Thankfully the entire crowd was composed of like minded people who also listened to OLP in high school/college. Yep, the medium age was somewhere around 31 or 32, so there wasn’t any crowding, shoving, or annoying douche bags hitting on anything with a pulse.

Surprisingly the late hour didn’t slow the rockers down (I mean they must be 50 or something) and I fed off their energy. It has been several years, so I was surprised the lyrics came back to me while listening to their hits. I seriously was shouting out at the top of my lungs during the chorus of Clumsy. They played all of their hits (why change what isn’t broken right) like Innocent, Superman’s Dead, Somewhere Out There, Not Enough, Is Anybody Home, and of course Starseed (my favorite). I was the tiniest bit miffed because they didn’t play Starseed until the very end which was at 2am. Still it was more awesome live than I could imagine.

Here are pictures for your enjoyment (oh I have a whole slew of these since I was like four people away from the stage). We originally were in front, but I made my friends move to the side because the bass was turned up so high that I was suffering from irregular heartbeats (from the percussion impacts). Yeah I’m getting that old. Although I am currently listening to their music on youtube and don’t regret a second of it. Sigh.


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