Thursday, July 09, 2009

Generation Gap

Two weekends ago, I joined my friend Big Mike at an out of town wedding. Needless to say, hotel rooms were involved (get your mind out of the gutter, separate beds because neither of us wanted to drive home after the reception). Anyway, there were a total of three single girls at the reception. Well that is if you count me. Actually, I should not have been counted since the four single guys in attendance were all my friends. The two single girls were seated at a table together, and when the opportunity arose that they were alone, Foley (one of the guys) immediately swooped in for the kill. First he talked to the blonde who was more attractive, but she turned out to be a total coke head. Like that is all she could talk about. Strike one. He then switched to the brunette who was all giggly. He eventually brought her back to his hotel room (shared with one of the other guys) because it was the “party suite”. Seriously, we brought in alcohol and a sound system and jammed out after the reception. When taking music requests, she shouted out “Bon Jovi”. The guys were all mentally high-fiving each other because she was a keeper (hello, 80’s music is the fastest way to a man’s heart). They put on the classic Bad Medicine. The girl scrunched up her face and said “this isn’t Bon Jovi, he doesn’t sing this…he sings like Have a Nice Day and Who says you can’t go home…”. There was an audible gasp before Big Mike asked how old she was (all of us are 30+). She replied 22, and that is when I lost my inner monolog and blurted out “you are so dumb”. Later she laughed so hard that she fell off the bed into that small gap between the bed and wall. Her feet swinging over her head smashed into the wall with a large thud. I almost peed myself laughing (at her, not with her).

I do have to note that earlier during the reception, Big Mike’s sister-in-law and I busted out the thriller dance on the dance floor during a Michael Jackson Tribute.


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