Friday, January 04, 2008

Eat shit dog!

Here are just some pictures of my little sister’s dog. The little bitch (well, actually no because it is a boy dog) got more Christmas presents than me. Seriously, he can't even thank people, unless you count licking their face (which is soooo gross for both dog and human interaction). I mean just because I don’t spend my day sleeping, running around, and eating another dog’s shit…
Actually, he is very fond of dog shit. My mom has to watch him in the yard and chase him down (or in some rare occasions, pull the shit out of his mouth) when he gets into the number two blue plate special. My sister gave him some pills or medicine that is supposed to make shit taste bad and therefore he will stop eating it. Wait….make shit taste bad…well doesn’t it already taste bad, I mean I’ve never eaten shit, but I would not expect it to taste like banana bread.
After six tries , I finally got the fucker to look at the camera
Here he is waiting for food to be "accidently" dropped, what a mooch
Here he is sleeping with his special bear, and being completely worthless
Don't be fooled by the cute face, he will pee in your suitcase if you let him
Here is my Mom with him, she looks like Scooter from the Muppet Babies when she is not wearing her glasses
Note that he is wagging his tail like a mother fucker, probably just ate some shit or something
Here he is being petted, and a burden to society


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