Thursday, July 05, 2007

So who exactly are you...

The weekend was relatively quiet since everyone was gearing up for the big 4th of July holiday. Friday night I attended the play of an eccentric friend Crystal. I have been to another of her plays and I would describe them as intellectual and thought provoking (if you read between the lines, I did a lot of head scratching and conferring with other attendees). Well the play took place at the Avenue B gardens in the East Village. Now this area is home to a very large random sculpture/tower and is the basic starving artist setting for the Broadway Show Rent. On a side note, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp are coming back for a few weeks to reprise their roles as the original Roger and Mark. I have got tickets and cannot wait to see them in person. Anyway, the bad idea of the night was to wear heels to the play. Since it took place at several places throughout the garden (hence walking and constant motion), I kept aerating the soil! At one point I almost tumbled over when my heel got stuck in a soft spot but thankfully my friend Tony grabbed me in time.

Sunday was date night with the new boy. He had been in LA on business all week, so the hormones were happy to finally see him. I am quite jealous since he spent Saturday at a Playboy Mansion party! Yeah, his LA friend knew of a charity event, and for a small donation, you could get a table and party with the bunnies. He was able to tour the mansion and grounds and pose with the bunnies. Now I am a huge fan of the E channel (back when I got the channel) series “Girls Next Door” which follows around Hugh’s three blonde girlfriends. After my encouraging, he spilled the details and talked about how disgusting the grotto was. Basically all along the path leading to the grotto was people having sex. When you got to the pool, it was again full of naked intercourse swinger couples. I don’t know what they use to clean the water (ewww) but I hope it is part turpentine and bleach!

Now Monday was a great day. I have been checking the IL state licensing board website religiously for the past few days because rumors that they would post the PE test results were circling. My Chicago friend (and former coworker) called to say he had his results (he passed), so I looked up my name. Hurrah I have passed (more in an impromptu blog post). Later that day I was asked to go to the Yankee’s game as a special treat for passing (double hurrah!). Now I am not a baseball fan, but see a Yankee’s game is on the NYC to do list (I’ve already crossed off Mets game on Mother’s day). Well Roger Clemens was pitching that night, and I guess he is some hero or icon in baseball or something. For an old guy (in professional sports) he pitched 8 solid innings before some closer came in on the 9th. While at the game with my host (work friend Rob), I ran into my old roomie Jordan and his girlfriend Ashley. They had season tickets just a few seats from us! Anyway, the Yankee’s won and it was Clemens’ 350th win. Pity they did not have a big fireworks display or a dancing apple like the Mets. Oh and I think the pic of the guy wearing the Clemens shirt pointing at Clemens was a great snap of mine. Pat patty pat on the back back back.

Tuesday night was a night of drinking since I did not have to get up early for work (I did end up getting up early to head out to the hot dog eating contest…blog post to come). I met Josh, Jeff, Bree, and Ali out at the local Scruffy Duffy’s. Later we headed down to SoHo to meet up with Bree’s friend. Now one big difference between Hell’s Kitchen and SoHo is the price of drinks. I ordered a cranberry and vodka and for $11 you get a tiny tiny tiny glass with a whole lotta cranberry juice. Seriously, my drink was blood red and tasted like um well JUICE! If I am paying that much for a three sip drink, then it better be laced with diamonds or crack or something!

While at the spring street SoHo bar, we started discussing commercials. That lead to the new cavemen TV series and how it will run out of material fast. Well we were approached by a mid 20’s guy who interrupted the group and asked “hey I hear you are talking about television, do you all work in television?”. Ummm…no. We all gave him a confused look because if you are talking about the space shuttle launch doesn’t automatically mean you are a rocket scientist! For some reason he didn’t believe us and proceeded to ask what we each did for a living. I wanted to say, “I’m an engineer, a professional engineer, I have the stamp to prove it” but that would up my geek factor to twelve.


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