Sunday, May 16, 2010

Samantha who?

The Sex in the City movie sequel soon will be released. I hear about groups of girls making an event of it by going out for cocktails and seeing the movie in their fashionista best. I am a fan of the show, just not a HUGE fan. Granted, I did go on the Sex in the City tour…twice. Both were due to visitor requests when I lived in NYC. There are usually only four or five guys on the tour. They are either dragged their by the wives/girlfriends or they are effeminately gay. The tour guide always asks, by show of hands, where all her Carries were. Same goes for Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. The funny thing is they gay men always want to be Charlotte. Most women want to be Carrie but I feel best represented as Miranda. I value her black and white take on things, her practicality and sense. I mentioned this to some friends last night and they said I was wrong. They all exclaimed I was a Samantha (like it was some verb). My first thought was “wait the slut…I ain’t no whore”. Then I thought about the character, and although she was a giant whore, she was sure vivacious. She is the instigator, the life, the “yes girl”. I am a “yes girl” meaning if someone suggests something, and it won’t cause permanent damage (ie tattoo), then I’ll likely say “sure…let’s do it”. Maybe that is the root of my adventures.


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