Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can I touch them?

One of my most favorite things in life is live music. Preferably rock, but any ole kind will do. A friend’s band is trying to get some momentum. Well they are a heavy-thrash-death-metal band and surprise, there are not many venues to play their music at. Granted if they played top 40 music or looked like 98degrees, then they would have more options. Not to be deterred, the boys decided to hold court in my friend’s backyard. They invited three other start-up metal bands to make it more of an outdoor festival or something. Kegs of beer, live music, BBQ…..count me in.

When I got off the bus about four blocks from the house, I could hear the music. Oh dear, the neighbors will not be happy. He invited all of his neighbors and fortunately they enjoyed really loud heavy metal music. One family even brought their two little girls (maybe between the ages of 7 and 10) along. Just like little groupies in training, the girls stood next to the stage and watched the guys thrash about. Okay it is one thing to keep the girls out past their bedtime (11pm) but another to subject them to the song material. I don’t know which song they enjoyed more, ‘Gouge out your eyes with blood’ or ‘Hell is full of whores’.

I was enjoying the shows just fine until some douche bag decided to stand directly in front of me thus blocking my entire view. I was sitting so that his but was exactly at eye level. How annoying right. After staring at his posterior and contemplating shoving something up there, I realized he was wearing black velvet jeans! Ah ha ha ha! There is a God.

Since we are on the subject of bands, my old running friend Demian formed a cover band in Japan. No, he is not Japanese, he is actually a Mexican who looks Polish. Anyway, he is learning to play the bass and had all of three lessons before they played live at some Japanese bar. Hilarious. Go Demian!!!! (here is his blog about living and working in Japan....and being the tallest person there).


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