Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NY plus 6

Second day of work...wait I should recap my first. I was told to arrive on my first day of work at 10am...huh? The project I am working on is very unorganized, so I have no supervisor, no task list, no phone, fax, or copy privileges. One of the veterans told me he likes to get in around 9am and tends to leave around 4pm. Oh and lunch is whenever. Talk about free-range engineering.

So my second day of work. Being the goodie-goodie that I am, I got to work at 7:55am. Well I guess the office doesn't officially open until 8:30am. Luckily, I have one of those key pass things that you wear around your neck on a lanyard (who says engineers are not stylish). My visit to the ladies rest room inspired this post. Oh my god! Disgusting? I thought there is an unwritten office rule about them. Ugh, it was on par with a Johnny on the spot. Stall number one actually had leftover number twos in the bowl. Stall number two had number one all over the seat. And finally stall number three (by this time I was eying the sink because it would have been a more sanitary option) was thankfully passable, but without TP. Sorry no pictures because I am not a sicko.


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