Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NY plus one

I finally have internet connection, so these next posting will be done in rapid succession.

I moved into my new apartment on Friday, September 1st. It is more fabulous than I remember. I've included pictures.

This is my huge living space/bedroom. The wall of windows is great if you like giving a show to the neighbors. Note to self, get feather boa. Since I am so close to Time's Square (you can see the billboards from my windows) it doesn't get dark in my place at night. Stupid neon lights.

Next is my marble bathroom. This was a plesent surprise since the model they showed me was tile and vinal.

Here is my tiny kitchen. It is behind two closet doors like "surprise, this is your kitchen". Thankfully, the fridge is full size.

Finally, here are some views from my windows.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger digmil said...

This is too cool! I can't imagine being that close to Times Square! How long is your stay in NYC? Will you be able to experience a new year there??? I bet that will be sweet! Apt looks nice... don't forget to post pics of you and your boa later :) ha! Can't wait to see more!!!

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Rachel Z said...

Holy cannoli, Lindsay, you know how lucky you are to live in this place, right? All of my other friends who are in NYC would be THRILLED to live in a place like this and share it with two other people!!

PS--I LOVE the blog. What an incredibly fabulous way to get away from the megahorrible spreadsheets they're forcing me to look at these days.


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